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Dream Chaser


92% of people fail to follow their dreams. While each person’s reasons may differ, this book, Dream Chaser, has been written to put a dent in the sad reality of people not putting their dreams in motion. Drawing from both her personal experience and faith, Jennifer Hammock has discovered three overarching barriers that keep dreamers only dreaming and never doing. They are what she calls “The Big Three”. When chasing your dreams, you have to overcome and address at least three areas in your life:

1. Mental Barriers

2. Faith Factors

3. How Bad Do You Want It?

Dream Chaser is a strategically written guide to equip readers with the tools, mindset, and inspiration needed to overcome these barriers. Within the pages of this book, those who need clarity, a motivating gut check, and who desire a fulfilling life will finally find the answers to putting their dreams in motion.



CD & Reflection Journal 

Everyone needs continual inspiration to keep you motivated, on track, and pursuing the purpose on your life. This collection of candid and motivational talks offers listeners principles and renewed perspectives on living a life full of purpose. With track entitled, “Open Up Your Gift”, “Dance Alone”, and “Stay Focused” listeners receive the necessary positive enforcement and direction to jump start into a new season of life.

Track 1 Morning Affirmations

Track 2 Open Up Your Gift

Track 3 Stay Focused

Track 4 Producing Through The Mayhem

Track 5 Weary & Worn

Track 6 Dance Alone

Track 7 When Grace Finds You

*Bonus Track 8 Worship Instrumental