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An assuring scripture that I always cling to when I try to go at things alone is Eccl. 4:9-12. It states how two are better than one, emphasizing the power of agreement, synergy, and help. Whether the season you are experiencing is good or bad, it’s always better to be going through it with someone versus by yourself.

Last year I was offered the opportunity to travel both to Paris and Dubai. My only expense would be is airfare. While those are both places I wanted to experience, the offer was only extended to myself and not my husband. I mean what would be the point of sitting under the Eiffel Tower without being about to snap a selfie with your life-long partner. Certainly in these instances, 1 was a lonely number.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve had during this maternity process is having some pretty awesome preggo partners to experience it with. My first preggo partner is Dominique, whose due date is separated by only 72 hours from mine. We found out about our pregnancies and made the big announcements within days of each other. Today I wanted to get out, get walking and challenge myself to get a good walk in. My husband had to handle some ministry business so who did I call? The only woman that is just as desperate as me to do whatever it takes to get our babies out of us. In less than a hour we took the trek uphill for about a good mile. It was a beautiful day coupled with temperatures in the near 80s. There were separate moments when we both got tired, felt pains and even contractions. I am certain if I tried to make that trip by myself I would not have made it pass the STOP sign on the corner. Again 2 are better than 1.

There is an ongoing joke not to drink the water at New Life Community Church because it’s not only myself and Dominique with child but also my good friend Iguehi who surprised us all with the announcement of her pregnancy in the early Spring. She has an amazing testimony and I can’t wait until she shares it with the world. So here we are three wives blessed to bring life into this world and enlarge our families. If two are better than one, you can bet three is exceptional.

Just yesterday during church Iguehi and we tried to give each other a hug and had to pivot to give side hugs because our bellies were in the way! Iguehi is a beautiful woman inside and out. Pregnancy is an experience that forever connects you with other mothers. You can feel their anguish, pain, and joy that they are experiencing which causes you to have automatic compassion towards each other. I was sharing how uncomfortable falling to sleep was to Iguehi one day. The next day she showed up on my doorstep with a pink body pillow that floored me. At that time we didn’t know the gender of the baby and I had prayed about it that morning. So when I saw the pink body pillow I knew it was confirmation that I was giving birth to a girl and my sleepless nights would be coming to an end.

My next preggo partners I have yet to have the pleasure to meet, but they both inspire me. Being able to follow both Serena Williams and Sanya Richard-Ross on Instagram has allowed me to be a part of their maternity journey. I am a huge tennis fan, and truth be told the reason I was introduced to the sport was because of the Williams’ sisters. A few months ago Serena shocked the world when she announced her pregnancy, but the kicker was that she had just won her 23rd Grand Slam at the Australian Open all while being pregnant! How freakin’ amazing is that.

Pregnant women doing amazing team, I’m here for that!


As a former track & field athlete and forever Sanya fan since her days at University of Texas at Austin the news of her pregnancy was exciting to hear. After marrying her college sweetheart who is a retired NFL player, multiple Olympic appearances and titles under her belt they are now expecting their first child.

Not only is Sanya keeping physically active and running a business with her husband, she recently published a new book, “Chasing Grace”. I think you see the root of the mental sisterhood we have right together right??

In my mind what connects us is the grace given to us to accomplish great things all while producing life. This is not to say bringing life into the world isn’t enough on it’s own, but you get my drift. Women, there is nothing we can not do. So here is to a legacy of children who will rise and call us blessed, who has victory, love, and compassion embedded into their DNA because the whole 40+ weeks we carried them we lived out our purpose. To all the other pregnant women out there, may you be strengthened with all the grace you need to achieve your goals and produce life.


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