Why I’m Crushing on Ayesha Curry

I’ve always admired Ayesha Curry from afar, maybe first because she’s a visibly supportive wife to a high profile athlete and as a pastor’s wife I think there is a similar burden we carry. Of course mine shrinks in comparison, but you get my point. The requirement to gracefully walk along side a man in the spotlight that has influence, equally sharing in their highs and low moments, unhealthy expectations imposed onto our families, and the weight of the public eye.

Yesterday I got the pleasure to attend a talk with Ayesha about her newly released cook book, “The Seasoned Life” which you should run out and get. It’s more than a cookbook, but holds personal stories and recipe inspiration. The event was interview style hosted by an award winning chef/restaurant owner.  Audience members were able to be a part of the conversation by submitting question for Ms. Curry to answer. Can you guess whose question she answered first?? MINE!! Not only did she answer it, but inquired with the audience to see who asked the question. Loud and proud I stuck up my hand and bamm…we dialogued about cooking foods that children enjoy, how to get them excited about food and including them in the process. She said, “messes can be cleaned up” which is so true and one of the reasons I keep my 5 and 7 year old out the kitchen. The memories and life skills I’m engraining in them is way more important than the occasional pool of oil that finds it’s way on the floor instead of in the mixing bowl.

Some might say I’m star struck, but there is more weight to the story and for the following reasons, I’m crushing even harder on Ayesha Curry:

1. She left her comfort zone

Let’s be real, being the wife of a two-time NBA MVP and National Champion with endorsement deals up the ying yang, can offer a pretty comfortable lifestyle. A life where private chefs, exotic vacations, weekly spa visits and anything your heart desires can become the norm. Something has to be said about a woman who can venture out on her own path to fulfill the passions’ of her own heart, knowing she really doesn’t have to lift a finger for the rest of her life if she didn’t want to. In a world where women clamor for wealthy men to “wife them up” in order to have the good life it’s amazing to see her venture out and carve a path of her own, leaving the shores of comfort for something greater.

2. No one gave her anything

I don’t know every detail of her life, but what I can appreciate is that it’s not like Ayesha is riding on the coat tail of her husband. She is standing on her own two feet and has made this journey a process. It didn’t start with a book from the gate, but began as a simple blog and occasional YouTube videos, just like many others grow their audience and share their gifts. She remained true to her passions and what gave her life. In a world where people are famous for no reason besides having a bad body, starring in a sex tape, or the external, it’s great to see a woman who is rightfully earning every one of her stripes.

3. She’s being a light

It’s funny because this week I’ve been spending extra time meditating on the scripture Matthew 5:16 that talks about letting your light shine for God. It reads, “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Wanna guess the name of Ayesha’s blog?? “This Little Light of Mine” 🙂 That is what it’s all about letting Christ shine through us so people can be drawn to Him. She candidly shares about her faith and always points all the glory back to God. We live in a culture that esteems being “self-made” and credits everyone but God, so seeing someone confess the opposite is a beacon of light that I think God is pleased with. I believe their family has been trusted with this amazing grace so God can be glorified in them. When you can so easily answer questions with a political undertone or render a safe answer, Ayesha rides for the King!  Remember this post game interview, when trying to explain Steph’s stellar performance that night? Her single answer, “It’s God!” This is something we as believers should feel confident and empowered to do all the time. Let your light shine brighter and brighter especially when darkness is all around you.
 4. She’s a Proverbs 31 woman

No, she isn’t the only Proverb 31 woman walking around, but it is refreshing to see a mainstream public figure possess qualities of the virtuous woman noted in Proverbs 31. For starters…

v. 11-12 & 28 She is a blessing to her husband (it’s so cute when Steph publicly thanks Ayesha)

v. 13 She is skilled (the girl can throw down, that cook book is filled with gems!)

v. 25 She possess strength and dignity (You’ve got to when dealing with critics and nay sayers)

v. 24 She’s an entrepreneur (olive oil, books and even a restaurant in the works;)

v. 30 She’s a God-fearing woman (unapologetically)

v.31 Her gifts are making room for her (the world is her oyster and I’m so happy to see the beginning of something great)

Now I’m not into making people into idols, but we need positive examples of womanhood in our society. Join me in rooting Mrs. Ayesha Curry on to continued success and the protection and blessing of her family. Now, if I can just get her to be a part of my 2017 The Power of Her Brunch!

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Wise Words to Wives

10 years!!!! I can’t believe it, just last week my husband and I celebrated 10 years of holy matrimony. I’ll be honest to say when I said “I do” ten years ago, I had no idea of what I was saying I do to. As time has gone on I’ve learned to be the best wife for my husband, my biblical role as a wife and how our union brings God glory.

I took a few minutes to record some wise words that I pray blesses wives and future wives out there. Check it out and let me know what you think.

“A prudent wife is from the Lord” Proverbs 19:14