August…my birthing month

As a Facebook user, I’ve become a big fan of one of their newest features, “memories”. Immediately when you log on typically the first thing you will see are your prior post from the exact day 1, 2, 3, 4+, years ago. I find myself oohing and ahhing from photos of my children’s first day at school, their past birthday parties, or something silly they did that I completely forgot about. On a few occasions, the Facebook memories have helped to put my current situations into perspective and serve as a measuring stick of just how far I have come. #thankujesus

During the month of August, a reoccurring theme was displaying each week as I logged on to Facebook. In August 2016 I launched a new inspirational product, “My Dream is Worth the Work” mug. It was something I personally needed and knew would be a blessing to others. In August 2015 I launch my first project ever, Daily Inspiration. An audio devotional with an accompanying workbook to encourage people with the word of God and my take on a few things in life. It was refreshing to see my different ideas that manifested into something that made me money and blessed others.

Over the summer while awaiting the birth of Jayla, those sleepless nights were used for a purpose. God have me the idea of something greater than myself, something that would inspire others, and something that would help me leave a legacy. It was seeming as if God wanted me to birth yet another passion project in the month of August this year. This time as a collaborative effort, my husband and I are launching a new company, Legacy Threads Co. A family lifestyle apparel brand offering bold and stylish clothing that inspires others to leave a legacy of faith, prosperity, and love.

We are equally excited to see how God grows this start-up into a household name. So from here on out, I am declaring August as my birthing month. I never know what God has in store, but I am certain it will blow my mind. You can signup for notifications of new products, promotions, and sales right here.

August is the 8th month of the year. 8 is the number of new beginnings. Before the month closes out I want to encourage you to seek God about what it is that he may want you to have a new beginning in. Is it a new mindset, are you to birth a book idea, or maybe it’s time to let go of something old and embrace the new. I am so excited about what God has in store for Legacy Threads. I’m going to take a verse from Tasha Cobb’s new single and declare, “I’m getting ready to see, something I’ve never seen. God is about to blow my mind!“. So here’s to the conclusion of an amazing August, birthing something new and inviting greatness to collide with my destiny.