I Pulled the Plug and Found Rest

Have you ever been so knee deep in work, projects, deadlines, and to-do lists that it feels like your head is about to explode? Yeah, me too! Thursday evening of last week I felt extreme internal pressure and anxiety trying to take me out. It was the result of the busy days preceding it. As I get closer and closer to the brunch there are ticket sales goals I need to meet, sponsors to satisfy, and the overall pressure of everyday life that I had to fight off. I have this pesky habit of having total tunnel vision when I’m working on projects. To the point I forget to eat lunch even though the kitchen is 4 steps away from my desk. When I find myself in this kind of space I know it’s time to unplug. But, if you don’t have the confidence that your work will be ok sitting there on the desk, and that you will still hit your weekly goals you would stay plugged in and become a slave to your work.

Not me! This year I have recommitted to living a life of freedom through having total faith and trust in God. Sometimes we bank on ourselves too much instead of the grace of God. Another virtue that has helped me not “loose it” as often as I could, is to be fully yielded to the Holy Spirit. Last Thursday night when I was getting ready for bed I was mentally tired! I knew I needed a refreshing and it wasn’t going to come by trying to multi-task working with my 7 month old daughter. So I surrender to God’s invitation of rest then unplugged for the following day.

The next morning I was reminded that my son had a field trip to the Botanical Gardens with his class. I love being out in the open air within a beautiful setting. God knew this was exactly what I needed to find rest. So I gave my laptop the deuces and became a third grader for the day. One of my life-long goals has always been to have a flexible career that allowed me to be an active parent, make money while I’m sleep, and work with passionate people. I found my rest that day holding a 8 year-old’s hand while playing a guessing game estimating the number of thorns on a cactus. When I finally pulled the plug from working in my own strength, it made room for God’s grace to flow into the empty parts. Between listening to my body, obeying the Holy Spirit, and being reminded of how free the birds of the air roam I knew any sales made, emails sent or reports completed would of been all done in vain.

My encouragement to you is to know when it’s time to grind and when it’s time to unwind. When you don’t rest, sometimes you end up quitting in the long run. Know that God has a divine way of ensuring that all of your needs are met.

Please share how you unplug to find rest in the comment section below. Watch my testimony video, I am 100% certain that this blessing was a result of my obedience to find rest in Him.

Here To Slay

The magnetic and magnificent month of March is upon us and what’s my plans? I’m here to slay baby! Living my best life with the man of my dreams, children that are perfecting my patience and true essence of what love is, along with a career that is the perfect blend of freedom, inspiration, and life-altering impact.

500 is the number of lives I want to help this year reach their goals for 2018. Whether that via my coaching services, books, events, or talks. Last month I wrapped up my very first coaching course, Get Your Life. For four weeks I met with a dynamic group of women to help them become more disciplined, elevate their mindset, learn their gifts and how to leverage them to build streams of positive income. Here are just what a few of them had to say.

On Sunday I had the privilege of speaking at our church. My message was entitled, “I’m on a Mission!” you can click the link to watch the replay. It is my belief when you wake up each day you must awake with purpose on purpose. You must make a personal commitment to live a mission focused life. All of us have different missions, goals and destinies, but whatever you do live your life on purpose!

Here are a few things that are coming up that you would want to put on your calendar:

Elevate Your Brand, a free webinar where I am going to teach strategies on how to build an authentic, credible brand that attracts your ideal clients and customers. Whether you believe it or not, you are a brand. Everything from what you wear, eat, post, and do speaks to your brand. So if you are ready for growth, register here for the webinar on Monday, March 12 at 8pm PST.

Next up, Relationship series at New Life. Each relationship in your life is either pushing you closer to your destiny or causing detours. Together with my husband, for the month of March we are pouring into the lives of singles, couples, and friends to ensure your #squadgoals are met.

What I might be the most excited about is my annual women’s empowerment event, The Power of Her Brunch. This event has grown larger in impact and size each year! This is a gathering where powerful connections sre made, powerful conversations are had, and you leave feeling like you can make those impossible dreams a possibility. This is how real this event is becoming, that women are buying not single tickets, but TABLES! Yes!! This speaks to the sincere desire for women to build positive intersections and intentionally position themselves in space for self improvement.

So, sista as you can see I am not here for the games, but here to slay every assignment God has prescribed my hands to. I love letting my light shine and being an example of what a life lived by faith can produce. May the month of March bring you closer to your destiny, strength to endure the tough moments, and a hope that can’t whither away.

xoxo, Jenn

Self Care Diet

What about me!!??

I found myself looking in the mirror asking this question as I brushed my teeth a week ago. I was seconds away from slipping into self-pitty after thinking about the week I had. I’ll come clean and say that I am hard on myself. I like to keep everything high, my standard and heels. There was no way I could endure another day without some self care. This term is growing in popularity as women realize that you can’t pour from an empty cistern and there is no guilt in taking care of yourself.

So last Friday, I excused myself from my entrepreneurial duties and laid down my mommy cape for a day to myself. No emails, no contracts, no meetings, and no nursing (JESUS..HELP!). It was time to indulge in my self care diet. Outfitted with my fedora hat, praying’ & slayin’ tee, and plaided wrap I B-lined to the front door on my way to partake in my self care diet.


  • Lunch
  • Nails
  • Shopping
  • Something sweet

First up was something to eat. I don’t like to waste eating opportunities on wack food, so I headed to Townhouse, a gem restaurant tucked away in Emeryville for lunch. I felt super fancy when I pulled up and they had complimentary valet. Having doors opened for me always puts me in a good mood. I totally enjoy having lunch by myself. I used to feel weird about going to eat alone, but now I relish in the opportunity to eat at my leisure, bring a book along, or make extra conversation with the server. A steak salad was my selection along with a tall glass of H20.

Next up was a trip to Nordstrom Rack. The location in San Leandro has a better selection than the one in Emeryville, but this shopping visit was explicitly for new panties and bras. I wanted to treat myself to a new set that made me feel good when I looked in the mirror. I am so ready to retire the nursing bras. To ensure the self-care didn’t end on that day I also picked up some body scrub and monogramed stemware so I feel fancy when sipping my pink lemonades. The family has been put on notice that those glasses are just for me!

Last Friday was Chinese New Year, so guess who that impacted the two nail shops I had to go to? The first one had limited services, and the second asked for me to come back in two hours. Now that I have acrylic nails, fills are mandatory, so I brought my tail back. Surprisingly I’ve had the same set since November! That probably means nothing to you, but it was my wedding day in 2006 which was the last time I had gotten “a full set”.

A date is never complete without something sweet. To satisfy my craving I stopped by good ole See’s Candy for five pieces of pecan buds. OMG, I love those things!

The day went by way to fast, but my husband and kids would attest that I arrived home much more at peace and full.  So tell me, what does your self care diet look like?