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I Pulled the Plug and Found Rest

Have you ever been so knee deep in work, projects, deadlines, and to-do lists that it feels like your head is about to explode? Yeah, me too! Thursday evening of last week I felt extreme internal pressure and anxiety trying to take me out. It was the result of the busy days preceding it. As […]

Here To Slay

The magnetic and magnificent month of March is upon us and what’s my plans? I’m here to slay baby! Living my best life with the man of my dreams, children that are perfecting my patience and true essence of what love is, along with a career that is the perfect blend of freedom, inspiration, and […]

Self Care Diet

What about me!!?? I found myself looking in the mirror asking this question as I brushed my teeth a week ago. I was seconds away from slipping into self-pitty after thinking about the week I had. I’ll come clean and say that I am hard on myself. I like to keep everything high, my standard and heels. […]

My Black Panther Experience

As a congregation yesterday our church, New Life Community Church, went to view the highly anticipated movie, Black Panther. This outing was special for a few reasons. One was because we encouraged the congregation to dress the par in all black or African garb. Secondly, the viewing was immediately following our morning worship service which […]

Living My Best Life

The season of life I am in right now, I can’t really put a label on it, so I’ve just been saying, “I’m living my best life!” It’s like I’m on joy overload even though my kids still drive me crazy at times, I could use a few more zeros in my bank account, and […]

Living a Life of Manifestation

Between the old adage, “you will have what you say” and the greatest book ever written the bible “death and life are in the power of the tongue” I believe they hit it on the head. I have never witnessed a person who continuously speaks negatively live a flourishing life. The habitual practice of speaking […]

Dear 2017

Dear 2017, I could kiss you in the mouth if you had one, so instead, I will bless the Lord with my lips. Lord, you have been too kind! 2017 you gave me two things that I will never forget, first my daughter Jayla Simone Hammock and become an author. We waited over 10 years to […]


Ugh! WTH? OMG! Are just a few ways I respond when discouragement begins to hit my life. The feeling of discouragement can feel like a bee sting, a quick and sharp pain that appears from no where. Discouragement can also be filled with agony and a strong emotional pull towards depression if you don’t manage […]

You Owe It To Yourself

Do you remember the comical line “Give me my money!” by Chris Tucker in the movie Friday? Craig played by Ice Cube owed Smokey a bet, and he was ready to collect. I’m sure you are just like me. A woman who pours out so much to her family, community, business, and others but now […]