The Blessing In Road Trips

372 miles, that’s right I drove 372 miles from Oakland to Los Angeles with all three of my children (Mommy Strength kicked in big time 🙂 to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It is said that California is one of the most under developed states in America. I can attest that you will see miles upon miles of open agricultural fields and very few major cities on the 5 route between the stretch. I’m at a point in my life where every moment has to be maximized, whether its used for productivity, self-care, or quality time, I am reclaiming my time like Auntie Maxine. On the trip back, I purposed to make the most of the six hour trip by doing three things. Maybe you can try to employ some of these strategies to help you in your daily action.

  1. I Daydreamed

I literally tuned out the kids and their bickering and zoned into what I wanted to see in my life. I took a moment just to dream! I saw myself hosting yet another sold-out The Power of Her Brunch in 2018 at a bigger venue. I saw myself sitting with dozens of women in a direct and intentional way helping them to craft their dream plans. I saw myself flying first class, going on exotic dates with my husband, celebrating my 35th birthday in Paris or Hawaii (I haven’t made up my mind yet). It felt so good just to look over the rolling vineyard hills imagining what life could be like. When else do you have time to just let your imagination run wild. It was either that or play referee between my sons over whose turn it was on the iPad. I’m sharing this with you to encourage you to dream a little.

2. Practice Patience

Any time you are on the road you will encounter red lights, detours, and traffic. The same can be said about life, sometimes it takes longer to get to your final destination because of the unexpected things you will encounter. Patience is a learned virtue and one that can serve you well when you ready yourself to use it. Before loading up our bags and filling up the gas tank I settled in my mind that I wasn’t going to let sudden congestion or someone cutting me off get me upset. I was going to be in the moment with my kids taking the journey and practicing patience. My disposition was that whatever I encountered, God already knew it so I wouldn’t let it throw me.  Although my first choice of transportation was the one hour flight back to Oakland, driving was the mode of transportation I could afford for my family so I wasn’t going to complain, but be grateful and be patient on the ride home.

3. Stay the Course

I know this route like the back of my hand and a GPS is not needed when traveling this journey. I have mapped out other ways of getting there, but the trusted route up the 5 interstate is one the one I stick to. When lane closures were up ahead, I stayed the course. When I found myself stuck behind a big rig, I stayed the course. Even when Darius had to use the bathroom I handed him a water bottle and stayed the course. No, I wasn’t in a rush to get home, but I was focused on getting to my destination. This same principle you can utilize when distractions try to come your way. Stay the course of debt-freedom even when the designer bag goes on sale. Stay the course of celibacy especially when Kofi Siriboe’s twin brother slides into your DM. Arriving to your destiny is the point of life, not 1/4 of the way or 1/2 way, but all the way!

Surprisingly, the trip home went by super quick although it took the same usual amount of time. We made one stop at the halfway mark to eat and for a potty break. My four month old daughter even snoozed almost the entire way and for the most part the boys remained entertained by movies, books, and video games. This left me with some quality time for myself and to chat it up with God. Surely, I can say it was a blessing in the road trip.