Encouragement for the Dream Chaser

I found myself earlier this week at the hair salon sitting under the dryer. Ladies, I think we can estimate how long I was there for. While my hair dried I began to think about my personal Dream Chasing journey. Believe or not, I am rereading through my own book to find reminders and encouragement as I face a new mountain to climb.

I love the idea how God doesn’t allow us to settle for less. He doesn’t allow one goal achieved, one battle won to commence our journey. I’ve learned that each victory builds your faith and gives you more ammunition to take on the next giant.

So no matter where you are on your journey, I wanted these few points from my book notes to encourage you.

Dream Chasers…

  1. Silence their fears and amplify their faith

Fear will always follow you like a shadow. Your job is to shine the light of truth over it so it diminishes. When that erry voice tells you to hold off or that no one will support you. Turn up your faith and move forward. Do this be speaking positive affirmations and the word of God over your situations. Say things like:

  • All of my needs are met
  • My harvest is coming
  • I am full of faith and not fear
  1. Acknowledge your insecurities and embrace grace

We all have an area in our life that we aren’t as confident as we should be in. Maybe your lack of education, body frame, or the way you speak sometimes makes you second guess yourself. This is when you have to confess that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and that God’s grace can bridge the gap.

  1. The process builds character

If you have ever witnessed the beauty of the Taj Mahal, Effel Tower, or the skyscrapers downtown what you probably haven’t seen is its foundation. No one boasts about how solid the concrete holding up these works of art are. Compliments are only give to the exterior. The process to building your dream is making you strong, so you can stand the test of time. The process builds character and proves how bad you want it. With this thought understand that with every step of preparation you are fortifying your dream to have great impact.
I hope these tidbits have encouraged you. Continue to believe in yourself and the power of God working in you. Be sure to pick up Dream Chaser for an in depth guide to putting your dreams in motion.

Next Steps


Whether you attended The Power of Her Brunch or not, we all need to be equipped with action steps once we’ve encountered such great inspiration and positivity.

I’ve heard from many of you by way of social media, personal encounters, or the survey how amazing the brunch experience was for you. I want you to use that momentum and energy in a positive way the yields real results. Because in the end if inspiration doesn’t lead you to action the experience becomes more of an emotional high than a life changing experience.

So I want to encourage you to take action in any of the following ways so you can put your dreams in motion.


#1 Create a vision board

While I know this isn’t a new phenomenon, many times our vision has to be reignited and realigned. But be real, do you actually have an updated vision board visibly posted where it can motivate you daily? When you heard the guest speakers speaking or witnessed the plethora of small businesses in action in the vendor room. Did you envision yourself being there? Did you visualize the products or services you’ve been wanting to launch displayed on a table. Sketch it out. Find pictures. Re energize your passion so you can create some forward movement.


#2 Check Your Tribe

In my new book, Dream Chaser, I’ve dedicated an entire chapter to this notion. When going after your dreams you can not do it alone. More importantly you have to take inventory of those around you. Are you the only one in your circle that is striving for more? When you suggest to attend life giving events instead of Happy Hour do they turn their nose up at you? When you voice your dream and ambitions are they more pessimistic or encouraging? Not only do you need peera on your level, I highly suggest you find a mentor who has been there and done that.


#3 Recap Your Notes

I never sit in an audience without my pen and pad or taking notes on my phone. You never know when something profound or enlightening will be said. My dad always says, “It’s better to have a long pencil, than a short memory.” So if you took notes, go back and review what you wrote down. Was it the debt busting tips from Naseema? The time wasters I mentioned. Or how about when Ryan said, “since I couldn’t get a seat at the table, I created my own table.” The statement confirmed exactly what I have been considering.

#4 Follow Up

Hopefully you weren’t playing it shy, but took the initiative to meet someone new at the brunch. Before names dissipate from your memory, be sure to connect on social media with someone you met. One of the greatest comments I hear from attendees is how all the women present were so nice and friendly. You never know who is in the room and might be the missing link to your next step. If you haven’t joined our Facebook Page click here to join and see who you will meet.

In it all my hope is that you had an amazing experience at The Power of Her Brunch 2017. I pray fear from taking action steps was silenced. I hope your vision was reignited and that you better understand the power of women coming together to support one another.

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Until next time!