Do you have vision?

In our current culture of start-ups, fresh ideas, and new products arriving on shelves (not to mention your IG feed) a visionary mindset has certainly been embraced by many. While you don’t have to be a business owner to have vision, I believe it is necessary for every living being to have vision for their lives.

When I was younger the vision I had for my life was far from what it is today. Believe it or not, I never dreamed about getting married, having children or living outside of sunny Southern California. As I got older, matriculated through college and experienced life I learned that the horizon was much more vast than what I perceived through my narrow eyesight. Having witnessed companies birthed in garages morph into billion dollar enterprises, women with a desire to see themselves achieving their destinies by returning back to school, and artist relentlessly pursuing their passions to share with the world it begs for myself and maybe you too, to ask yourself, “Do I have a vision?”

I don’t want to confuse having a vision with being a millionaire, having thousands of social media followers, nor being successful in the world’s eye. Do you posses a vision that has created a pathway that helps you to easily accept or dispel opportunities that may come your way? Do you have a vision that acts as a compass guiding you through life, or does your emotions tell you where to to turn? Having a clear vision allows you to filter through options, draws you towards destiny and gives you confidence when embarking upon uncommon paths.

Grab your journal and answer these three questions below that will help to ignite, refine, and define your vision:

  1. Ask God, “What would you have me do with the life you’ve given me?” Don’t just ask once, but make this an ongoing prayer and make sure you are discerning and watchful of recurring themes that may begin to occur overtime.
  2. What does success look like for me?
  3. Pin point one area of your life that you would want remodeled and envision specifically how different you want at least five things to look.

Without a vision, the people perishProverbs 29:18

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