Is it profitable?

This one question. “Is it profitable?” rocked my world and caused me to walk away from something I thought was worthy of my time and energy. Check out the video below for the whole story and ask yourself afterwards, “Is it profitable?” It will only be through wisdom and obedience that you will answer the question correctly.

I Corinthians 6:12



Building a House of Wisdom

This week I got the awesome opportunity to teach bible study at New Life. Currently, we are in the midst of a teaching series entitled, “The Wise and the Fool“. The bible consistently speaks to the value and importance of wisdom in the believer’s life. I can attest how having Godly wisdom in certain situations was more valuable than having $1,000 in my pocket.

During this lesson, I highlighted the important parts of a house of wisdom:

  1. A Foundation of the Fear of God
  2. Walls built with the knowledge of God’s Word
  3. Doors of discernment
  4. Roof of prudence

Grab a notebook and pen then listen to this life-changing teaching on how to build a house that will weather the storms of life.

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WOW…What A Retreat!

Have you ever experienced an instance where you were worked up for absolutely no reason? On one hand you were pretty sure everything was going to work out, but on the other hand doubt and self consciousness began to peek it’s ugly head out. Well that’s pretty much what I was dealing with mentally this past weekend, but oh boy the “A Better Me” Women’s Retreat was beyond amazing!!!

I absolutely love when like minded women gather. We all don’t have to perfect, making six figures or living the dream life, but when women come hungry for betterment, have open hearts and are teachable its a recipe for authentic transformation to occur.

Throughout the two days 50 women were praying, laughing, learning, being empowered and just enjoying the beauty of fellowship among each other. The venue, “Home of Peace” certainly lives up the name with an overwhelming calming spirit within the walls. With the house being a rock throw away from the 580 freeway you would have thought you were miles away from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. Attendees wrote their prayer requests on wooden hearts, it was like giving away the aching parts of our hearts over to the Lord in prayer.




After reading a few of the surveys that were completed, joy filled my heart learning that women had real moments with God where as they spoke to Him, He spoke directly back to them in a journal entry one woman completed during the reflection time. These were just some of the things women said about the retreat:

“I absolutely love his retreat I can’t stop talking about this experience. I thank God for your obedience, this truly blessed me”

“I almost wished it was a 3 day event. I really enjoyed the speaker and getting guidance and time to think about myself, what I want, my actions, etc. Being given certain scriptures was also wonderful!! Thanks!”

“I walked away knowing that I had sisters in Christ who were here to give encouragement and be uplifting. That is especially important to me as I am not easily trusting or willing to share personal life experiences.”

Our guest speaker, Lady Antoinette Brookins, was transparent with her story and offered life changing tools and advice to become better communicators, walking out our salvation, and my favorite…her clarion call for every woman to have a “Holy Ghost” home girl that can won’t gossip with you, but help you get a prayer through! LOL Loved it!!


There were so many small touches that made the retreat spectacular such as the massages given during the welcome reception, the uberly fun late night games we played on Friday, the workout by DAM Sports Fitness trainers, and the home cooked meals we ate. I do have to apologize for the shortage of water and the hot temperature in the chapel at times, but in it all everyone present was blessed.



What I am certain made this retreat priceless were the women present. I asked a multiple choice question asking attendees what part of the retreat did they enjoy the most listing five different options and the one that had majority vote….”the women present”. Indeed, the richness of backgrounds and the strengthening of sincere sisterhood made this retreat remarkable.


Teaching is a grace that I truly enjoy flowing in, so I couldn’t wait to teach my breakout session, “A Better Me”. During the session I spoke about the “small foxes” that ruin our dreams and plans for a “better me”. In addition, I couldn’t express enough how important being better has to be an intentional effort. We just don’t wake up tomorrow, or weeks from now and are better in areas of our lives. A true break through moment came when I shared with the ladies to, “embrace your insecurities!” The enemy tries to make us think we are the only with issues, he tries to magnify them to make us think we are less than and unsuitable for certain things in life which prevents us from becoming better! What I love about feeling and being weak in certain areas of my life is that this is exactly what God wants us to boast in, so He can come in and make up the difference. That is how we become better! Check out this snippet.

Every woman needs to pull away from everyday life, be poured into, have time to think and be challenged to raise the bar in her life. This is exactly what this retreat did. I sincerely thank everyone who attended and my planning committee that helped host such a wonderful and God honoring event. There is no telling what God has in store for us next year, but I want to encourage you to start or continue your journey towards becoming “A Better Me”.