Your Dream is Worth the Work

Isn’t it funny how teachers, counselors, well meaning adults and even some of our friends would enthusiastically ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?” or, “Tell me about some of your dreams.” That question was probed with possibility and exceeding hope. The inquirer probably saw something hidden within you or suspected you were formed with greatness in mind. Whether you listed off the most impressive professions, the occupation of your parents, or stretched your mind to see yourself as a trailblazer or pioneer, the fact remains that it costs you NOTHING to dream, but the work to achieve your dream has a price tag. Everyone has a dream, but the question remains, is everyone willing to put in the work to see that dream into reality?

Many of you are working and don’t even know it. Work is not always merely the act of which you perform to make money. The work God is looking for you to undergo are sometimes in the following ways.


Sometimes “the work” comes in the form of enduring a ton of rejection. No after no after no you must persevere through until you receive that one YES that could change your life forever. Have you ever wondered how many times our beloved Kerri Washington heard the words “No”, “no thanks”, “not this time”, “maybe next time”. It’s time to grow some thick skin and get out there so you can push pass the no’s so you can arrive at the right “yes”

2. Humility

That’s right…get low! Going through the process of humility isn’t always fun, but those experiences prepare us for the greatness which is ahead and strengthens our testimony. I learned years ago that, “you grow to LOVE what you suffer to achieve.” It is in those humbling moments when you have to ask for help, live with family, scrape together money to partially pay all the bills, but it’s also in those humble situations that you get creative with coming up with a plan. The bible clearly shares the blessing of humility; promotion, riches, wisdom, honor, and life! Take a look at these scriptures that will surely encourage you that your pain is only for gain. James 4:10 Proverbs 22:4 Mark 9:35

3.  Sowing into others

When is the last time that you’ve supported someone’s dream? Have you paused to sow a word of encouragement to a friend who is working hard on launching their business? Have you purchased something from another small business owner, or do you always want the hook up? Sowing is a spiritual law that always has dividends. I want you to find at least three people who you know are working on their dreams and sow something into their lives. You may offer to watch their kids while they attend class, maybe you can sow a financial seed to help with start-up costs or send a note of encouragement letting them know you respect their hustle and it’s only a matter of time that the flood gates of heaven start pouring down. Proverbs 11:25 Luke 6:38

May this post be of encouragement to you that your dreams can become reality as long as you’re willing to endure rejection, remain humble and sow into the life of others. I’m looking forward to seeing your dreams realized!

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With Love,

Lady Jenn