My Prayer For July

Dear Eternal Father,

You are great and there is no one like you. Your name is powerful and all might and honor belongs to you. Help me this month to find zeal within my work. Give me the faith and wisdom to BE STILL when I don’t know what to do or what’s going on around me…I declare that YOU are sovereign. Thank you for your bounty of love and grace for me. I pray that distractions won’t alter my focus. Help me to maintain a spirit of humility, integrity, and love.

May you receiving the glory be a daily goal of mine. Allow my praise to confuse the enemy in times of despair and triumph. When things get rough may I be reminded of your unchanging hand. Lastly LORD, be glorified through me so someone would want to know and follow you. I declare that I’m coming out of July better than I went in, favor is on my life, I am anointed and appointed, God you are powerful and you are on my side! The battle is not mine but it is yours. Equip me for the spiritual battles that will come. Allow my life to bear much fruit! May I cause danger to the kingdom of darkness and always abide in your word and spirit.

I pray that my children will be leaders and not followers. Help them to see the influence they carry to impact in positive ways. Allow structure to guide them and your love to empower them. Cover my husband with you grace and lend wisdom to him to lead in an extraordinary way. Allow your angels to encamp around him and cause him to grow fully into his purpose. I am married to the dream and vision you have given us, I won’t back away, I will persevere, I have favor and creative ideas.

In Jesus Name…Amen!