Who Is Lady Jenn???

It’s so awesome when people “know” you. Both my husband and BFF could undoubtedly order my perfect meal and hand pick a perfect gift that says “Jennifer” all day. For Mother’s Day I was gifted a book entitle, “Girl Code” by Cara E. Each chapter in the book unlocked special codes for entrepreneur women to live by, followed by an interview from some inspiring women. The same five questions were asked to each woman. By the end of the book I was compelled to answer the same questions so I joined the conversation.

Take a peek into who Lady Jenn is…


At my core I am a woman who loves life and looks forward to waking up each morning. I thoroughly enjoy helping others turn their ideas into reality. I struggled for years trying to pin point my destiny. I once heard a preacher say, “Destiny leaves clues”. What God has in store for you to do isn’t a modern day phenome, its’ something He has been constructing all our lives. Once I took time to pin point:

*what gives me life

*what I naturally gravitate to

*what others always give me great feedback on

I started to figure out the yellow brick road of clues towards my destiny. I would say I’m your “American Girl”, I love the outdoors, but I don’t like to get dirty, I love 5 inch heels but would prefer a pair of Chuck Taylor instead, I’m a bargain shopper, but love designer labels. You’ve guessed it, I am sometimes all over the place, but one thing for sure…I KNOW WHAT I WANT!

jenn casual


Potential…I have a love hate relationship with this word. On one hand, “potential” seems great because it lends to the possibility of something greater than what you see. But on the flip side, I see so many women settling for “potential”.  Settling for the potential in their choice of men, potential in jobs that really aren’t going anywhere and potentially good ideas that no effort is invested into. It’s more to life than knowing you have potential, you must cultivate that potential, so you operate in the reality of abundance, otherwise you will be stuck with just “potential”. I’ve heard Dr. R.A. Vernon say, “don’t marry potential, marry reality.”


That’s easy…FAITH and ACCOUNTABILITY. Accountability ensures your faith is being put into action, but if you have no faith from the beginning what is there to hold accountable. I see myself as an agent to help women build monumental faith that allows them to see themselves living limitless lives and confidence that their God is working for them. Without faith we will stay on the circumference of “potential”, wishing and hoping with a case of should of cold of would ofs. Faith is the fuel that helps you believe that those crazy midnight-hour ideas can actually happen and change your life. When women are empowered to grow their faith and held accountable to reach the greatness which is within them, there will be no mountain too high to climb and no valley too wide to cross.


The first words that flow from my mouth every morning when my eyes open are, “Thank you Lord!” Everyday that I open my eyes, I am experiencing a blessing because its a day I have never seen and one I will never see again. Depending on if I have pressed snooze or not, I either have a moment of prayer or complete a devotional to ensure I am connected to God and His spirit is filling me up. I’m the chef of our home so I head straight to the kitchen to make a hot breakfast and pack lunches. I am blessed that together my husband and sons share breakfast each morning and have a quick family prayer which one of the boys leads before they head to school. If I wasn’t able to complete my devotional I will do it while the house is still quiet for 20 minutes. From there the laptop opens up and I check emails, update my social media and start tackling my to-do list. At any given week I may be producing an event, working on content for  women’s ministry, managing the affairs of our church or creating content for my blog and empowerment events/clients. Since I am alone for the majority of my work day, I make sure I take brief breaks to connect with the world and make an appoint to schedule lunch dates with my husband or girlfriends once a month. Much has to be done between the hours of 8am-2:30pm, because after that I am back on “mommy duty”. Being an entrepreneur you have to remain motivated, focused and a friend to yourself. One day there is too much on your plate, and the next you’re looking for scraps, so its; important to keep a balance going in every area of your life.View More: http://yblphoto.pass.us/thepowerofher2016






I first conquer fear by knowing its byproducts. Many of us respond differently to things. For me, I know I am operating in fear, when I feel one of the following:

-Avoidance: When fear has overtaken me, I am prone to put off making decisions and taking action when I know deep inside God wants me to surge forward. In these instances I tell myself to be like Nike and “just do it” If you’re waiting for perfection before you begin, you will be like a car in parked…not going anywhere!

– Faux Focus: This is when I am placing too much focus on the wrong thing. I find myself creating a list of reasons why “it” can’t happen. Where am I going to get the money, will anyone buy it, ther are too many others doing the same thing I want to do. In these moments I have made my issue bigger than my God. I have to remind myself that what I am up against is no match for the grace which freely flowing towards me. My focus has to shift towards how powerful my God is and what will happen if I DON’T move forward. Focusing on these truths gives me the confidence I need to look fear in the eye and proceed. 



Honestly, it’s my potential! To put this answer in proper context, it’s not about my personal potential, but it’s about the lives I can help change WITH the potential of my gift. Knowing this, keeps me inspired to learn, stretch myself and try new things and be willing to fail. Life is such a gift and to know before I was even born God had a radical plan for my plan just gets my heart pumping to discover those clues that leads me towards my destiny. I am committed to living a life worth living!

View More: http://yblphoto.pass.us/thepowerofher2016