Where Faith Will Take You

Have you ever been brave enough to step foot on a larger than life, gravity defying roller coaster ride lately? Just the sight of the wide loops, sharp turns, low dips and the screeching screams of passengers compels you to do a 180 towards the churro stand. Once you’ve gathered your nerves you do the unthinkable and hop on board.  You survived the illegal speed of the ride, the abrupt stops, and the part which left you hang gliding in mid-air. Once you reached the end of the ride you probably felt:

A. Releaved

B. Never wanted to experience that again

C.  It wasn’t too bad and would try it again

I am learning at times walking in faith can feel just like a roller coaster ride. By living a faith-filled life we may holler, hold tight to our seats, kick and scream, but when we reach the end of the journey, more often than not we are grateful that we took the chance to experience something new. This is exactly where your faith will take you, to realize something unfamiliar and thrilling!

The power of your faith will release access to areas, opportunities, and relationships that you would only dream of. This is the main reason why the enemy fights us so hard to complete even the smallest steps towards destiny. Fear will prevent you from introducing yourself to the manager you hope will mentor you, but faith will give you the confidence to knock on her corner office door. Fear will paralyze you from submitting that franchise application, but faith will remind you that “greater is He that is in me, than he who is in the world”.

The point I want to make is that faith will take you on the ride of your life. Yes it will be scary, yes you will want to throw in the tow and ask God to get you off this stupid expedition, yes you won’t know if the next move is right or left, but when we walk by faith we give God the opportunity to unleash miracles in our lives that we would not experienced if our position was on the side line.

Beloved, I need you to protect, invest, and grow your faith. Faith is the currency for divine intervention and one of the ways we please God. Remember, #thepowerofherfaith