The Power of Her Influence

Undoubtly, I think we can all agree that Beyonce Knowles, Bey, Queen B, Mrs. Carter tops the list of powerful women. Not solely because she’s a great entertainer, awesome business woman, or pop icon, but based on the level of her influence.

Beyonce possesses enough influence to cause politicians to write five-page letters, cause people to dip into their savings to buy a concert ticket, and influence the culture to shift their thinking about women and black culture. Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance captured the eyes of every person near a TV screen as her newly released “Formation” performance graced the field with dancers dressed in militant black leather, berets and afros. Beyonce lead the troops using this once in a lifetime (well maybe twice) opportunity to shed light on injustice in our country against black people and embrace the uniqueness of our culture.

So the real question and statement we need to address is truly the POWER OF HER INFLUENCE. Even before the Super Bowl performance, we knew she was a force to be reckoned with. A standing ovation is in order for her honing her influence, this huge platform, and embracing head on the things that matter to her people, the minority in front of an audience of the majority. Whether you are a member of the Beyhive or not, you’ve got to tip your hat to her for being that woman who is willing to use her influence for good and uplift her people.

This is what influence is all about, using your gifts, character, and positions in a positive way that not only benefit yourself, but those around you. As Beyonce has used her influence to bring awareness of certain issues, how do you plan to use your influence in your home, community, work place, or organizations? While the everyday woman won’t get the platform of a Super Bowl half-time show, you do have the audience of your children, your peers, your family members, neighbors and those you lead.

Can you and your closet girlfriends ban together to begin a mentor program that will create path ways to college instead of incarceration? Can your faith be the pillar of salt someone needs to taste so they can have eternal life and live victoriously?

I challenge you to take time to investigate the areas you indeed have influence and follow the steps of Bey and use it for good!

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