5 Girlfriend Gift Ideas

The weather outside is frightful…no like FOR REAL, it’s freezing! In comes Christmas along with the frost and the need to score great gifts for friends to make them feel special! In just one shopping trip I was able to find five unique gifts all under $10. Gifts do not have the be expensive, just thoughtful. You want the receiver on the other end to know you put effort into this expression of love. Just about each of us has a girlfriend that fits at least one of the following categories. And I took some time to help you figure out what to give them this year without breaking the bank.

The Fashionista

Vogue is her middle name and “best dressed” was probably her crown in high school. Since it’s winter time, try gifting a pair of trendy tights. They come in all colors and patterns, and can be easily paired with skirts and dresses from the summer months. So pick something that yells her name and watch a permanent smile be plastered on her face. I scored these Vince Camacho tights at Burlington Coat Factory for $3.99!








The Makeup Lover

Everyone has that one friend who doesn’t leave the house without her brows on fleek, foundation seamless, and lips poppin’. For that friend try giving her a tool of the trade. Whether it be an eye lash curler, application sponge, brush set or even single brush as shown. The gift says, “you know me and most importantly, you get me!” This highlight brush was only $8.49 and will definitely lighten up her Christmas morning.








The Entrepreneur 

This is the friend that never runs out of grand ideas. She has a way to see things no one else does and has the work ethic of a professional athlete. This dame is destined for greatness and why not assist her on the way to the top with an ultra chic planner. While we can all attest to the convenience of a smart phone to keep appointments and key events, there is still nothing like writing down that task list and seeing the months ahead  in a way you can feel and touch. I snagged this lux and super pretty 2016 planner by Sugar Paper at Target for $9.99. This gift not only says I see the hustla in you, but also shows respect to the hustle.








The Hostess with the Mostess

It is this friend who jumps at the opportunity to host a dinner party or just have friends over for no apparent reason. Her kitchen towels coordinate with the rugs to a T and her home decor gets switched out with the seasons. She has definitely taken some pointers from Martha Stewart and always makes you feel at home in her home. For this classy lady, try a long-lasting yummy smelling three wick candle that supports the very things she values…making you feel at home.  Bath & Body Works had a one-day sale where these candles were marked down to $8.50.









The Everyday Woman

This sista literally makes the bacon, brings it home and cooks it her dang self. Her efforts when viewed from the outside seem effortless and grace might as well be her middle name. She volunteers, climbs the corporate ladder, and still has enough sense to know she is only fueled from within to accomplish these great exploits. This woman needs consistent inspiration because there are always more to conquer. When I created “Daily Inspiration” I envisioned people listening to my words while on their daily commutes, running around the lake, and while on lunch breaks. The gift of inspiration has no price tag, but for this week before Christmas I’ve marked it down to $10. Try something new and give the gift of inspiration which can change a friend’s trajectory in 2016.








If you truly know me, you would agree that I’m a dash of each of these categories. Were these items purchased for my bff, my child’s teacher, my ministry workers or eve my sister? No, I bought them for…myself. I know how selfish right?? SMH Now that I’ve come clean, whatever YOU decide to give this year, make sure it comes from the heart. Who really needs another pair of house shoes and perfume anyway!

Preparing For An Epic 2016 Rule #2

The countdown has begun…in less than 25 days you and your girlfriends will be screaming, “Happy New Year!” blowing horns, and pulling confetti out of your hair. But the question still remains, “Are you ready?” Are you ready to behold the beauty of the God’s best for you in 2016? Are you ready to stop playing second fiddle, living a luke warm life, and pacifying your fears?

The second step to making 2016 an epic year deals directly with the secret weapon of prayer. The writing of your prayers to be exact. Prayer is the meteor shower that collides your right now with your future! I always believed there was something special about transferring what’s in your mind onto a legal pad, notebook, iNotes or your written preference. Whether you are journaling your feelings from an unexpected circumstance, composing a master plan to become the next Oprah Winfrey, or committing your goals or schedule to paper is such a powerful move. It creates accountability, so just imagine what happens when you combine the power of your spoken words/prayers with writing them down as a reminder of how you need God to move in your life and a written promise of God’s unfailing word.

This year, even starting now I want you to keep a prayer journal. It can be one of those old-school spiral notebooks, or a pretty journals with sparkles, butterflies and scriptures plastered on the cover. Whatever you use, begin to write your prayers!! They don’t have to be elaborate or filled with “holy” words, this is your written communication with God. Remember, prayer is not a presentation, it’s communication!

Keep your journal handy, because you never know when God will move on your heart to begin to pray for a neighbor, the horrific accident you just learned about on the nightly news, or the opportunity of a life-time for a friend. You can shape your world as your prayers align with God’s word.









Keep a journal handy throughout the day and especially when you read the bible. A scripture may leap off the pages and speak to your heart. Right then and there you can compose a prayer based on God’s promise. Since I know you have already selected your 2016 Scripture, turn that scripture into a prayer. Here is an example:

Scripture:Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold I will do a new thing. Now it will spring forth; shall you not know. I will even make roads in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isiah 43:189-19

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for being such an amazing God! I understand that you want better for me and you are committed to doing a new thing in me and for me. Help me to forget the things in my past. Remove from my mind my hangups, the way I used to act and carry myself. I am committed to living a new way for you with your help. Lord deliver me even from past victories because I know you will do even better in the future! Help me not to compare and even expect you to reveal yourself in the same way you have in the past. I agree with your word that says you will essentially make a way out of no way and sustain me even when I am in a bad place. God you are able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all I can think or imagine according to the power that work in us. Now work a miracle in my upcoming projects, create living waters in my strained relationships. I need you Lord and it can only be done by your Spirit. In Jesus name, Amen!

And just like that you have written the first page of your prayer journal and created a pathway for God to work in your life. I encourage you to pray about any and everything!!! God employs scores of angles just waiting to be dispatched to perform His word. Do not be discouraged if your prayers are not answer immediately, (II Peter 3:8) continue to pray and trust that if your prayers are aligning with heaven He will bring it to pass.

Feel free to comment below!

Preparing For An Epic Year: #1 Select A Scripture Theme

When starting something new, whether it be a new job, a new workout regimen, or a new school there always seems to be an orientation of some sort. A precursor of what’s to come, a focal point or an objective that keeps you committed, grounded, or motivated to reach your overall goal.

So as we prepare for an epic year, I think it is equally important that you have something that is inspiring you when you want to give up. A common thread that embodies all of your efforts and breads hope. The first way to prepare for an epic 2016 I strongly suggest you…

Choose a Scripture Theme for 2016

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