Preparing For An Epic 2016

I don’t know about you, but as the air gets chiller, turkeys begin to be carved, and bells start jingling it’s the official sign to a new year on the horizon. And whether you are the ant who worked hard during the summer months or the grasshopper who slept their time away and are fearful of what’s ahead, I want to spend the month of December encouraging, inspiring and preparing you to have the most EPIC year ever!

I have already declared 2016 as the year I take personal ownership of my success, invest in becoming a better version of me and DO something different. Let’s face it, you cannot claim 2016 to be the best year ever, with out making any intentional effort to change the way you think and act.

Each week in December I want to share with you FIVE specific ways I am adjusting my daily habits, understanding and perspective to ensure that 2016 is my year of EPIC proportions.

Tips will be geared towards relationships, living out God’s word, your prayer life and a few others. So be sure to subscribe to my mailing list and social media outlets (@ladyjen08) to prepare for an epic 2016.

Wishing you Peace and Prosperity,

Lady Jenn