Challenge Yourself

I’m not sure if it’s the inner athlete in me, my desire to win, or the utter belief that I REALLY can do all things through Christ that gives me strength which compels me to accept any given challenge. My spirit never lets me sit idle for too long and seeing potential in things awakens the need for me to challenge myself and do something!

In the wake of silly, irrational and downright stupid challenges, I believe challenging yourself is a core fundamental of growth in every area of your life. While splashing a bucket of ice cold water on yourself is a shocker in itself, imagine pushing yourself to admit you were wrong and offer a heart-felt apology…now that can be a challenge.

You are too great to remain average, too gifted to stay ordinary and an answer to someone’s question to continue being mediocre. God has strategically designed your life and family to be a spot light, which only comes by you growing and developing into your best self. There are at least two ways that one can grow:

  • By things outside of your control (what God allows to happen in your life)
  • By how you challenge yourself

Now since none of us can alter or change the course of life, I want to push you in the area I know your perspective can make a difference. I’m not sure of your life goals and aspirations, but God makes it clear in His word 3 John 2:2 that He wants our lives to prosper and be stretched for greatness.

So here is my challenge to you, for you to challenge yourself in these three areas weekly! We don’t need to wait on a social media trend to begin working on ourselves and striving towards greatness.

  1. Mentally (Proverbs 23:7)

Our minds are a powerful tool that can become an incubator for billion dollar ideas or a battlefield where we rip ourselves into pieces. I challenge you to spend five minutes each day meditating on future goals, the word of God and visualizing yourself in your future. Remember, so a man think of himself so is he.

  1. Financially (Galatians 6:7 and Matthew 25:14-30)

I’m certain you are well aware of which side of the coin you fall on. Choose to challenge yourself financially by either giving generously and/or sticking to a WRITTEN monthly budget. We allow hundreds of dollars to slip through our hands with our negligence and stay in your hands through our selfishness. If we are not faithful over what we have, how can God trust us with more??

  1. Physically (I Corinthians 6:19-20)

When you are being challenged physically, there is an automatic mental challenge that occurs at the same time. When you size up the cascade of stairs you have to climb, the miles you need to run or the calories you must burn it’s all beginning in your mind. The challenge here is to simply reach a new fitness level where it takes a great deal of energy, persistence and drive to achieve. This may mean committing to:

  • Weekly three mile runs
  • Daily power walks
  • Hiring a trainer
  • 100 crunches/day

Whatever it is…get moving and challenge yourself!

Getting out of your comfort zone does something inside of you. It ignites the potential within and allows you to truly flourish. But as long as we refuse to be challenged, pushed and stretched we will remain with the same income, same negative thoughts and a belly that just gets bigger and rounder each year. God desires for you to outgrow some things, places and people. You have the power to push yourself to the point of destiny. A place where you take ownership of your fate and believe that greater is due to you and you are worthy of it.