3 Ways To Stay Inspired

It was my freshman year at Fresno State and I can honestly say when I put on that Bulldog uniform I was uncertain of myself, naïve, but still hopeful in the athletic gift God had given me. The first few years came and went like the gas you put in your car. Full of new experiences and trials,which matured my thought process and earned myself new strips as a developing young woman. As a senior I became determined to wear the uniform of excellence on and off the track.

fsu track ocie

Through it all and even now there are certain practices that kept me grounded and inspired to soar higher than I could reach, and dependent of God’s grace.

At a moments notice we can find ourselves in an emotional or physical pit, discouraged, or just needing a pick me up. I want to offer you three ways you can utilize to stay inspired:

1. Award yourself when you reach your goals

This steps assumes you have both short and long term goals set already. But the awards serve as motivation to reach those goals and milestones. Your award can be as simple as treating yourself to a delicious brunch when you reach your goal of saving $60/week from brown bagging your lunch for an entire month. Or maybe a mini vacation when you hit your quarterly sales goals at work. Whatever the goal maybe, make the reward desirable and worth the sacrifice and dedication needed to reach higher heights.  Not only will you be inspired to abstain from your temptation, but you have created a level of accountability which then helps you prioritize your life. This Louis Vuitton handbag will be my award for successfully launching the “Daily Inspiration by Lady Jenn CD & Journal” project, establishing my retirement plan, AND being able to pay for it in cash. Let’s see if Christmas can come early and I can find a hook-up 🙂

louis-vuitton-artsy-mm-monogram-canvas-the-legendary-monogram--M40249_PM2_Front view

2. Become Visual

I was at the grocery store last week and found myself behind a woman who somehow found a coupon for nearly every item in her cart. Patience was definitely produced during that trip to Safeway. While in line my eyes came across the latest “SHAPE” magazine with Kelly Rowland gracing the cover in a two-piece cropped swimsuit. I shook my head in disgust wondering how in the world can a woman have a body that bad? I automatically began scanning my cart for the carbs and sugar loaded foods that I should put back. It’s so funny how what we see can instantly inspire us even if there isn’t a particular goal we are pursuing prior to the visual interaction. This speaks to the power of visual stimulation.

So I encourage you to:

  • Create a vision board with breath-taking photos that arrests your mind and breed inspiration. Find pictures of your dream house that will keep your goal of home ownership alive.
  • Visit a store, hotel, recreational site, or area in town that challenges you to dream on another level. Exposing yourself to something new and beyond your normal experiences lights a new fire within and encourages you to become diligent about reaching your goals.

Below is my 2015 Vision Board that has kept me focused and inspired.


3. Listen to life-giving messages

Romans 10:17 says it like this, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” When you posses great faith you are inspired regardless of what comes your way. If you want to be ready, equipped and armed against the darts of the enemy, a part of your daily diet must be words of inspiration. Whether it is a sermon, inspirational message or words of wisdom from a spiritually mature friend, those words are strengthening your faith muscle so you can stand and resist what comes your way. When you are inspired you are able to reach your goals and operate within your purpose.

This is why I created, “Daily Inspiration by Lady Jenn.” I wanted people like you to be strapped with ammunition to offset the negative words and unpromising news you may receive from the doctor or your boss. This is why I am strongly encouraging you…yes YOU to invest in yourself by getting this CD in your library.

Daily Inspiration - Web Ad

Lastly, I urge you to take the 7-Day Inspirational Challenge. Listen to one track from the CD at least three times each day and complete the assigned journal exercises. Watch how the inspiring words which are based upon the Word of God will transform your mind and perspective.

As I look back over my college, post-grad, young adult, marriage, parenting, and now ministry years I can say a combination of the formerly mentioned have serve me well.

Be inspired to live a life full of purpose



Slow It Down

“O LORD, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth, Who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens!”

“When I consider Your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained.” 

Psalm 8:1 & 3 (NASB)

Am I the only one who sits back and wonders, “How did you do that Lord?” How do you cause the mountains to exude so much glory? How do you create the perfect hue of blue to be painted in the sky on a beautiful day? Or, how about this one…How do you allow beauty to be captured into natural water falls and create such tranquility?

On a recent trip to visit friends in Seattle, we were blessed to stay at a beautiful resort surrounded by trees and mountains as far as the eyes could see and natural rivers flowing by. I absolutely LOVE spending time in these types of environments and natural surroundings. They make me feel closer to God, the loud sounds of the world are diminished, and more than ever I am always reminded of God’s majesty, creative power, His peace, and great presence.

20150620_081722 20150619_170553


I mean for real, who cannot stand in the presence of this type of beauty and not be awakened by God’s presence and trace this unique handiwork back to Him. Absolutely no one compares to our God!


Part of the reason most of us aren’t as healthy as we could be, is because we live life on the go. We do not take time to smell the roses, turn down the radio of life, and lean in to what God is saying.

  • Find time this week to spend in the midst of God’s beautiful creation. Go on a hike, find a bench near some beautiful water, or gaze at the moon and stars at night.
  •  Meditate on Psalm 8:1 & 3 during this time. However you position yourself, expect to meet God there!
  • Journal your thoughts and emotions as you take in God’s beautiful creation.

Don’t forget to share and post your photos, revelations, and experience using #ssc2015


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