What Birthdays Mean To Me


Besides color coordinated balloons, greeting cards, cake, and the renown MLK “Happy Birthday” song, birthdays have begun to mean much more. On yesterday, June 28, God graced me another year of life, an opportunity to look back on how far I have come, but to also look forward to see what is ahead.

For myself birthdays now serve three purposes:

1. Refocus

2. Celebration

3. Pursuit of purpose.

Having a birthday smack dead in the middle of our calendar year, my birthday has become a bench marker that helps me refocus on the goals I set at the beginning of the year, evaluate my relationships, and forge forward. I ask myself, “How much closer I am to manifesting the photos I placed on my vision board?” Have I even attempted to engage with my vision in order to turn the vision into reality? When we are focused, we are more successful and effective. It’s almost like a psychological tune up so I can finish the year strong.

Naturally birthdays cause for celebration, the celebration of life and making it another year. Now I like to also celebrate those that have helped me along this journey, and assisted in cultivating my character. This year I celebrate my husband and sons, for helping me become more patient, considerate, and loving. Without the boys calling my name every five minutes, coaching them through ministry responsibilities, reading, and making new friends, I do not think I would be the 32 year old woman I am today. I also have a special group of sisters/friends which I celebrate, because without their careful responses to my emails, and never ending suggestion box, the projects that I have been able to execute would be still sitting in a journal and not making the impact I know God designed them to do.  So while, I enjoy the celebration of me, I know I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t have devoted and loving people in my life.

Lastly, and notably the most important birthday reminder would be the continued pursuit of purpose. Your birthday is the day we celebrate you, your coming into this world. All of our lives have purpose, and your birthday should motivate you to identify an operate in your purpose. There is no way we can celebrate your birth, without celebrating the reason God sent you to this world. More than ever, I personally have a great conviction about my assignment and purpose for this particular season of my life. Arriving to this understanding didn’t happen over night. It took one on one time with my creator, the Lord Jesus, intentionally listening and responding to situations I understood He placed me in. It also took me getting out of my comfort zone, and doing things where I had to fully depend on God, not on rely contacts, resources, nor my ability. God has a way to make your purpose come alive once you acknowledge Him as your source. He then begins to reveal parts of the plan to you, seeing if you will trust His promptin
gs, even when you don’t fully understand the next move.

It is my intent to live each day as if it’s my last, because after all no one knows when they will take their last breath. Life is precious and each day you live, you have the opportunity to say YES to the call on your life and celebrate that truth every day. As I blow out the growing number of candles on my birthday cake each year, it is a reminder of how blessed I am despite of the scraped knees, hurdles, and detours that I may have experienced within the last 12 months. If no one hasn’t told you lately, your birth matter, your purpose matters, and your life matters!