Being IN your feelings will keep you OUT of your blessings

Not too long ago my youngest son Darius was upset and sentenced himself to a time out in his room. With pouting lips and folded arms he rushed to his room all because he had to have his ice cream served in a cone instead of a bowl. (The issues of a four-year old…I know) Darius had convinced himself that life was over because the thing he wanted wasn’t being presented in the way he originally requested it in. He was surely “in his feelings”.

Do you too find yourself having a pitty party with God because things seem as if they aren’t working in your favor? Do you remain in your feelings when a friend doesn’t apologize the way you thought they should, when you don’t get selected for the promotion, when the guy you had your eye on goes for the woman who seems to be an easier catch, or even something as small as the barista getting your order wrong.

Each day we are presented with opportunities to grow in grace or sit in despair. When we choose to stay in our feelings, we place a wedge between our spiritual ears refusing to listen to God’s voice in the situation. The enemy wants nothing more for you to stay in your feelings, and not release the gentleness that is needed to move away from this place. God instructs us in Proverbs 3:5-6 not to figure it out, not to sit in a place of anger, misunderstanding, and unforgiveness. Being in your feelings will keep you OUT of the blessing in which God divinely created to be birthed out of your exact situation.

When we find ourselves “in our feelings” the truth is we are operating in the flesh. Most of the time we know exactly when we are in the flesh or in the spirit. Our job to crucify our flesh, our feelings, our right to be right and be governed by God’s spirit. (Romans 8:13) Your responsibility is to become your own pallbearer and put to rest your flesh which opposes the very thing God wants you to do. You are able to put to death your flesh when you then become your own “life” coach. Coaching on the spirit that lives within you to:

-Grant mercy to the person who is having a worse day than you

-Trust God with the details of your life

-Be the peacemaker instead of the hell raiser

-Let your words be seasoned with grace

-Relinquish control to our sovereign God

As long as your emotions are raging we will miss the very thing God is trying to show us, build within us, and rip out of us. The blessing is found when we successfully respond to trails and the surprises in life with a perspective that God is sovereign and He is trying to work something out of me. James 1:3 says it like this, “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials,knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

Now what Darius didn’t know was that I had something better in mind, than a plain ole’ ice cream cone. Hidden in the refrigerator was several toppings like cherries, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and nuts to make a gigantic sundae that would put a regular sugar cone to shame. Don’t miss out on your blessing because you perceive what God is presenting to you is inadequate, not what you asked for, or not fair. Get out of your feelings and get into the spirit. IMG_20150526_113727