Bold Communication |

Bold Communication

Odds are stacked against you, the final seconds are on the clock, and it seems like all is lost. Feeling like defeat is on the other side of the door is an indescribable feeling that suffocates our faith, confidence and hope. In time of need, our communication to the Lord needs to be bold, not wimpy, confident not with fear. We stand one request and one life line away from a break through.

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A Pep Talk From God |

A Pep Talk From God

Let’s face it, we have all been there before; facing a daunting task, confronted with making an important decision or charged to walk blindly by our faith. “How on God’s green earth am I supposed to do this?” You ask yourself, then you begin to find every excuse in the book why you can’t, not realizing that greatness is really inside of you!

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